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21 Nov 2022

Planning for show success

In the first of a new feature designed to help exhibitors and buyers get the most out of The Meetings Show, we look at what exhibitors can do now to plan for a successful 2023 show.

Here, Paul Martins, new business development manager at Broadway House, Make Venues and Dan Elliott, national sales manager at Butlin’s share their top tips for exhibitors looking to plan ahead for success at The Meetings Show 2023.

1) Plan early

Building The Meetings Show into the business’s 12 month plan to ensure enough time and budget is available for it is a strategic move employed by many successful exhibitors.

Paul Martins says: “As a venue, we plan our activities about a year in advance in line with budgets and objectives. As a Board member of the Westminster Venue Collection, the Board (made up of fellow venue members and peers) decides where resources should be allocated for 12 months ahead, so planning starts early.”

Dan Elliott says: “We started planning for The Meetings Show 2022 in the January as we knew we wanted to ensure we were able to engage with as many people as possible. The Meetings Show is number one on the list of shows that we will attend in 2023. There is so much value from not only engaging with delegates, but also other venues that we admire and have huge respect for.”


2) Get involved

Look at where you can get involved elsewhere in the show to boost your business’s presence and ensure greater results. The show has begun a search for speakers for the 2023 content programme and the ‘call for expertise’ is open until 31 January.

Dan Elliott says: “At Butlin’s, we try to ensure that we participate as much as possible and get involved in all aspects of the show to reach a wider audience. I have found over the years taking part in the speaking sessions has really added value as this means that delegates get to hear what you have to say but they can put a name to the face also.”


3) Be aware of your objectives

Setting objectives and being aware of how you aim to achieve them in the planning stage will aid next steps and keep you focused as you get closer.

Paul Martins says: “Before and while you’re planning your presence you need to think about how you’re going to get the most out it over two days, whether that’s brand awareness, promotion of special offers or attendance at a showcase event, or most significantly return on investment through business.”

Dan Elliott says: “You have to ensure that you are going to the show with the right mix of everything. You have to have the mindset of ‘What you put in is what you will get out’. At Butlin’s our proposition is all about fun and entertainment - that is part of our culture - so we want to bring that to the conference and events world.”

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