Mar 05, 2019

Tomorrow's talent meet the judges: Ryan Curtis-Johnson

Ryan Curtis-Johnson is Head of PR & Marketing at drp Group with a background knowledge of entertainment, event management, film & video and communications related services. We asked him what he'll be looking for when deciding upon a winner.

Ryan Curtis-Johnson is Head of PR & Marketing at drp Group with a background knowledge of entertainment, event management, film & video and communications related services. Ryan has a wealth of experience and has worked in the events industry for over 9 years. A passionate person who will always give 100%, to deliver outstanding results, a true team player and will do whatever thinkable to make it possible.

Currently working for one of the UK's largest communications, video, digital, creative, design, print, exhibition and live events agency, drp Group. With over 250 team members, Ryan works alongside drp Group to help businesses across a wide range of sectors engage their internal and external audiences for the continued success of their organisation.

Why do you think it's important to recognise and celebrate the young talent within the events industry?

As an industry we get so stuck in delivering and struggle at times to just recognise what a great industry we work in. This also means we don’t always get a chance to allow new talent to be recognised, as they are also on this constant conveyer belt of ‘deliver’. It’s time we started to shout about the new talent within the events industry.

Do you feel like there is a strong culture of mentoring and support for young people within the industry?

I don’t believe there was, especially not when I first started out in the industry. But now I believe there is and it’s so important to have. Especially if you want to find the right talent for your business, this is a must.

What are the attributes that you think make a successful meetings and events planner?

I believe you need to be personable; people skills are key to this role and if you aren’t able to have a conversation with ease then it could be a struggle. But this does come with confidence. You need to be knowledgeable and adaptable, as one model does not fit all with events or meetings. Organisation is key, but I feel you need to be passionate about what you are delivering to execute the best event or meeting you can.

What will you be looking for when reviewing the entries for Tomorrow's Talent? What would make someone stand out to you?

I guess all of the above apply. But I will be looking for someone who has really gone out and tried to embrace and establish themselves within this ever-growing and fast-paced industry. I’ll also be looking for someone you can tell will be a rising star within the industry and be impactful to our industry, possibly a slight disruptor. Lastly, an individual who demonstrates that they love what they do, as this I believe is the reason why most of us are still in this industry to date.

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