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20 May 2021

Tomorrow’s Talent 2020 winners tell event planners: “Believe in yourself and apply”

Tomorrow’s Talent 2020 winners tell event planners: “Believe in yourself and apply”

Four winners from The Tomorrow’s Talent initiative in 2020 reveal the positive impact winning the competition had on them and their careers and give their top tips for putting the perfect entry together for this year’s entrants.

What opportunities did winning Tomorrow’s Talent 2020 provide?  
Samantha Storey: “It was a great conversation point in a successful job interview that helped me to stand out, and consequently land my new role.”

Agnes Morgan: “The Tomorrow’s Talent initiative has given me a huge confidence boost and made me feel very empowered with both clients and internal stakeholders. I feel much more self-assured to voice my opinion, to advise both internally and directly to clients, offer best practice, potential solutions and new ideas. I’ve become much more involved within company initiatives and I’ve opened myself up to new opportunities which will only benefit me personally and professionally.”  

Charlotte Buckley: “I made loads of connections with other winners, as well as other professionals across the industry. If you ask anyone, they will say the same ‘it’s not what you know, but who you know’ and this is so relevant to our industry. You can never have too many connections and creating relationships is key to succeeding within events.”

Rachael Kenny: “Being part of Tomorrow’s Talent helped keep me visible in the industry whilst I was job hunting. The job market has been incredibly competitive, so making sure my name was out there in industry press was so helpful.”

What would you say to anyone considering applying to be nominated for the 2021 Tomorrow’s Talent?  
Samantha Storey: “Go for it! It is an amazing opportunity and a great way to help you stand out and develop in your career.”

Agnes Morgan: “Back yourself and go for it. You have got absolutely nothing to lose but everything to gain and if you don’t back yourself first, how can anyone else follow? So whatever doubts you have, just drop them and believe in yourself. If you’re even considering applying, you’ve already got the right mindset and you clearly think there is a possibility of you winning this so stop imagining it and start making it happen. It’s a cliché saying (and slightly adapted to the original) but it’s also one of my favourites as a keen hiker but “Every journey starts with a single step” and applying for Tomorrow’s Talent could be that single, first step for you.” 

Charlotte Buckley: Just go for it! You never know if you don’t try, and there is nothing to lose. Taking opportunities as they come is more important now than ever.”

What are your top tips for entering? 
Samantha Storey: “Be yourself in your application and try to show the passion that got you involved in the industry in the first place.”

Agnes Morgan: “Find satisfaction in the small things that you’ve accomplished because chances are that the things that will make you stand out are hiding somewhere between the Excel documents, late nights and multiple cups of tea! Make a list of everything you’ve done and the reasons behind them and you will gradually see a pattern emerge. This pattern is what makes you, you, and this is the pattern that will make you stand out from the rest. Ask your colleagues to provide you with some feedback and you may just learn a thing or two about yourself too. My best tip is just to apply in the first place though.”

Charlotte Buckley: “Be truthful, don’t feel bad for bigging yourself up and recognising your own talent. If you’re struggling, reach out to your colleagues and get their input as well – they may recognise your work ethic and achievements better than you do yourself!”

Rachael Kenny: “Be your own biggest cheerleader! Write out everything you have achieved, big or small, to help you write your entry. If you are finding it hard, ask a friend or colleague what they think you should include. It’s interesting how often you overlook your own achievements when others notice them.”

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