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ABPCO and London & Partners join force to ‐ Find the story | Tell it well | Make a difference

ABPCO and London & Partners join force to ‐ Find the story | Tell it well | Make a difference
ABPCO and London & Partners are working with Mark Aldridge, creative director at MCI to deliver a creative education session for ABPCO members at The Meetings Show 2022.

The session, which will take place on Thursday 30th June from 10am‐12pm, is titled Find the story | Tell it well | Make a difference.

It will be an opportunity for ABPCO members to once again experience the association’s core pillars of Learning, Excellence and Belonging, as they take part in a workshop exploring audience engagement in a creative way.

Mark will lead the participants on a journey as they investigate their creative mind‐set and learn how to take on challenges in a more innovative and progressive way. In particular, the session will focus on the premiss that creativity is a skill that can be developed and integrated into event management processes, becoming an integral part of each individual’s event identity.

In addition to the workshop, will provide an opportunity for networking, socialising and reconnection away from the show floor (with refreshments sponsored by the Harrogate Convention Centre).

ABPCO and London & Partners will also be bringing a hosted buyer group to The Meetings Show. The group will enjoy an evening hosted by Hilton, taking in the views of Tower Bridge and Tower of London on their way to a drinks reception and food in TwoRuba Bar at the Hilton Tower Bridge.

These are just two examples of ABPCO’s position, sitting at the heart of the association event industry and a key reason to be part the only association for association event professionals. For this reason, ABPCO’s membership is fast growing with both agency and in‐ house PCOs who value its education, networking and accreditation scheme.

As part of a closer working partnership with other leading industry associations, ABPCO are also encouraging members to attend the ICCA Chapter Meeting from 0830‐0930 on 29th June, where they will be debating the Power of Collaborative Thinking – a perfect companion session to Mark’s creative thinking workshop.

If you would like to attend, please register via
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