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Redefining Well-Being in Event Planning

Redefining Well-Being in Event Planning

Well-being activities are often on the agenda at meetings and events. However, Lucy Eden, founder of wellness events company, Be In Your Element, speaker at The Meetings Show 2024 and this month’s guest editor, thinks we need to redefine well-being so it plays an integral role in event planning, rather than being a ‘nice to have’ element.

A crucial shift is happening in event planning. With studies revealing that well-being activities boost cognitive function and creativity, benefiting attendees and organisers alike, it's being recognised as a foundational element of the process, rather than a budgetary afterthought.

Here at Be in Your Element we’re leading the transformation charge. We’re on a mission to not only add value to events but redefine what value means in the context of attendee well-being.

Traditionally, well-being activities at events have been relegated to a 'nice to have' section of the entertainment budget. Yoga sessions, mindfulness workshops, and wellness breaks were seen as perks rather than necessities. However, the landscape is shifting.

There is a growing understanding that incorporating well-being into events can enhance attendee satisfaction, productivity, and overall experience. Holistic health: Physical, mental, and emotional well-being are interlinked. Events that prioritise these aspects contribute to the holistic health of attendees, reducing stress and promoting a positive atmosphere.

By integrating these into the core of an event, attendees are likely to be more engaged and productive as they give delegates life enhancing learnings to take back to their daily lives, creating a ripple effect of improved health and happiness.

After all, attendees are seeking enriching experiences, and although they may forget what you said or did, they will never forget how you made them feel. By prioritising the emotional and physical experiences of attendees, you can ensure that events are memorable for all the right reasons. When attendees leave feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and valued, they associate these positive feelings with the event and its organisers, fostering lasting connections and loyalty.

At this year’s The Meetings Show, we’ll be sharing our concept - FOMO Factor: Feelings Over Missing Out. This philosophy flips the traditional Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) on its head, emphasising that the emotional and sensory experiences of attendees are paramount.

By creating events that resonate on a deeper emotional level, you can ensure your attendees leave with cherished memories and a profound sense of well-being. Incorporating the FOMO Factor into your event planning can significantly elevate the attendee experience and event planners are encouraged to adopt this philosophy, prioritising “Feelings Over Missing Out”.

By doing so, you create events that not only meet, but exceed expectations, leaving a lasting impression on attendees and ensuring that your events are remembered for the exceptional ways they made people feel.

We’ll also be on the Impact and Inform stage at 10am on day one running a not to be missed 9 To Thrive: Dolly Parton's Guide To Sustainably Rocking Events And Meetings, session.