Matthijs Otto

Matthijs Otto

CEO, NetworkTables
Matthijs Otto (29) is the founder of NetworkTables, a very easy online tool designed with event organizers, that helps event attendees meet the right people and make networking more efficient. He is known for his creative mind and hands on mentality to turn challenges into opportunities.  Matthijs has become an expert in event matchmaking as NetworkTables has helped more than 250+ events improve their ROI by giving event managers plug and play tools to facilitate roundtables, one-on-one meetings and workshops. 5 years ago he saw that event attendees were not interested in complicated processes, like downloading event apps, instead he saw a demand for an effortless 1-step solutions that would have a huge impact for events. Within a short time, Matthijs built NetworkTables without any external funding. NetworkTables developed rapidly since the start of 2015 and it now has a 30% quarterly growth and happy customers in more than 39 countries. NetworkTables won 3 major industry awards in the last 2 years. Matthijs is committed to getting things done. He is passionate about adding value and solving problems that event managers face and he is driven to bring the right people together and make networking more efficient.