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Farah Hussain

Farah Hussain

Networking And Faith Inclusion Expert

Farah Hussain is a mother, a wife, and the Founder of Farah Networking. With over 20 years of corporate business experience and over 10 years as a networking professional, Farah Hussain is widely recognised within the British business community and started Farah Networking as a means to make networking simple and accessible to all. Farah’s human-centred approach to networking adds a personal touch to business and focuses on building long-lasting relationships that help people grow.

With a degree in Business & Psychology Farah has a personal consultation service and takes time to understand each person that joins and guides them through networking so that it is simple and stress-free so that they can just be themselves. Farah’s career started from cleaning tables as she never knew anything else, with only a high school education she decided to do a distance learning degree while working, looking after her young children depressed and disabled husband. Our systems are deeply rooted in corruption, power, and greed and it's impossible to change that, and that is why she head hunts diamonds and brings them together so that they can do amazing things together and even create a movement to bring change.

Mindset, Accountability & Networking are the three things that shaped Farah and changed her life. Not only is she an expert on connecting people, but she is also a personal
development, a kick ass accountability & life coach.

Authenticity is her superpower, no one can be like her, and no one can be like you, we are all different and our journeys and paths are different too. Farah loves to inspire others with her story and does inspirational talks at women’s conferences, schools, local communities, and organisations. Farah loves to have fun and that’s why she used Tik Tok to create fun videos on serious topics and show people that despite the hardships in life everything will be ok. Farah is an influencer with over 130k engaged followers across multiple social
media networks.