Please note: this page will be updated regularly as we receive new information. Last updated: 01 July.

As an Organiser, we are following government guidance and the advice of our health and safety team and organising the show based on the government lifting restrictions in July and encourage you to do the same when organising your stand. However, as the guidance and restrictions are continually changing we would like you to take into consideration that this could affect your presence at the show at short notice and therefore, the design of your stand. The following gives you some guidance and tips for you to consider in this instance of which we as an organiser would also be following should it be required by the government. 

Government guidance on planning and control measures are based on the following categories, which are also reflected in the exhibition industry’s guidance on the management of COVID-19 (All Secure Standard). 

These are the 5 key areas to consider when planning your stand:

At the stage of the event happening, we expect to have come through the last step of the Government’s roadmap. Headline figures are shown below:


There is a general acceptance, however, that some restrictions will remain, particularly for indoor events. The government has put together the Events Research Programme which is expected to report back to ministers at the end of May with some further recommendations on how to proceed in the future.

So, what does this mean for you?

This means we still have to approach the event with the industry’s All Secure Standard in mind.  Firstly, you need to write a risk assessment.  This will allow you to work through the hazard and establish control measures that are appropriate to the activities on your stand. There are a couple of examples available which will help you through this process. These are available upon request.  Once you have done this, you must then ensure that all the items identified are delivered on-site.


Social distancing

What is the distance required between exhibitors and buyers for meetings?

Government guidance still remains at 2 metres, although this can be reduced to 1m with mitigation measures. Wearing a mask, introducing screens between exhibitors and buyers etc are all examples of mitigation measures.

Will there be a cloakroom at the show?

Cloakrooms will not be in operation at the show.

How are the entrances going to be managed?

The entrances will be arranged to clearly define access and egress routes. Where possible, these will be completely separate. All attendees will be encouraged to maintain a 2m distance should there be a queue, but we are encouraging, where possible, for visitors and exhibitors to pre-register which will speed up the arrival process. Stewards will be in place to continually monitor the entrance throughout the day. The names and details of all entering the hall will be registered to comply with track and trace.

How many people am I allowed on my stand?

This very much depends on the design of your stand.  The aim is to try and maintain a 2m social distance with anybody. Examine the space that is available on your stand, not including areas such as storage, and divide this total area by 4.9 sqm. This will give you a good idea of how many people you should permit on your stand at any one time.

Additionally, you should also think about how you might control this if you do reach capacity.

Reviewing how customers move through and around your stand is also very important and considering how you could adjust the flow of customers and employees to reduce congestion and contact; for example, queue management or one-way flow, where possible.


Do I need a perspex screen on my stand?

Perspex screens are not necessary if you are maintaining a 2m social distance between yourselves and the clients. A screen can be considered in your risk assessment should this distance need to decrease, but other options are available as well. 

Please also note that ‘perspex’ as a material cannot be used in the exhibition hall. There are many alternatives to consider which have the required fire rating.

Do I need to provide hand sanitiser on my stand?

As part of your risk assessment, this should certainly be considered as it is regarded as a strong contributor to reducing the risk of transmission.

Consider offering all new visitors onto your stand alcohol rub to encourage further hand cleaning. This will also help with the reduction of transmission if surfaces are touched whilst they are with you.

Do I need to wear a mask at all times?

This is now a legal requirement and face coverings must be worn inside the halls unless you are exempt from doing so.

Will there be a catering service available inside the exhibition hall or must each exhibitor bring their own food pack? Will I be able to buy food in the venue?

Venue catering will continue to operate, so you will be able to purchase food and drink. For obvious reasons, there will be strict processes whilst purchasing and the normal offering may have been changed to suit the current conditions.

Are there any changes to the build and breakdown that we need to be aware of?

To assist NHS Test and Trace, we will be looking to take details of all persons wishing to enter the hall for build and breakdown. 

You will be able to conduct a site induction in advance of arriving on-site to reduce the amount of time queuing to access the venue.

A more detailed and specific build schedule will be developed to control the number of people in the hall at any one time. Additionally, we will look at the location of any build activities and schedule these to maximise social distancing.

We will be looking to limit the movement around the hall and encouraging all exhibitors and contractors to remain on their stand as much as possible. Only essential journeys should be made off the stand and around the hall. 

Can I hand promotional materials/gifts to visitors? Are they able to handle my products?

The government guidance has been changing on this, however, should this be permitted, the following should be considered for any activities which involve passing objects around and added into your specific risk assessment:

  •  Putting in place picking up and dropping off collection points where possible, rather than passing goods hand to hand
  • Regular cleaning of these objects or replacement with new objects as and when needed
  • Encouraging increased handwashing and introducing more handwashing facilities for workers and customers or providing hand sanitiser where this is not practical


What measures will we be subject to before coming into the show?

As an event, we will be taking your details to assist with NHS Test and Trace should it be necessary.

At present we are considering temperature checks at the entrance, however, we are reviewing the evidence as to the efficacy of this approach.

A limited health screening questionnaire may also be necessary.

All measures will be kept on review to accommodate the requirements of the local government tiers.

Is there anything that I need to prove before arriving onsite?

You will need to have provided a COVID-19 risk assessment before coming on site as well as completing the Site Induction.

It is your responsibility to follow the government Stay At Home Guidance. This should be for individuals who have symptoms of COVID-19, live in a household or are in a support bubble with someone who has symptoms, and those that have been advised to self-isolate as part of the government’s test and trace service.  Additionally, nobody should attend if they have recently returned from a country that is not on the travel exemption list and should be self-isolating for a period of 10 days.

You should keep to an absolute minimum the numbers of people required to build up and breakdown your stand.

Enhanced cleaning and hygiene

Who is going to clean my stand?

Your stand will be cleaned on the pre-open night, however the precise cleaning necessary on your stand will be down to identification in your risk assessment. 

How many times do I need to clean my stand and by what method?
Who is to supply these cleaning products for my stand?
Is there a requirement to clean each table and chair and other areas after each meeting? If yes, who will supply the furniture and hand disinfectant?

In line with government guidance, it is recommended that your work surfaces are cleaned regularly and a record is kept of the times that this has been done.

High touch point areas should be particularly well cleaned and where meetings are taking place you should wipe down surfaces at the beginning and end of every one.

Exhibitors will be responsible for supplying any necessary cleaning materials as part of their Covid-19 risk assessments.

Can I offer visitors food at my stand?

Food can certainly be offered to visitors on your stand.  What is most important, however, is that normal food safety and hygiene rules apply. In addition to this, a thorough risk assessment should be conducted to consider the risks posed by COVID-19. 

Pre-wrapped food would be a potential consideration and there should be no self-service elements to your offer. Everything should be individually served to reduce the risk of transmission. Further guidance can be found on the government guidance for food operations.


What signage do I need to have on my stand?

Think of messages that support the key areas previously mentioned. Some simple signage encouraging social distancing would be appropriate. 

If you have any kind of food offering on your stand, you may also wish to have signage in place encouraging hand washing. At the moment, the more you do it, the better!

What information should I give my staff?

It is important that all of your staff are properly briefed in advance of coming to the show and that everybody has completed the Site Induction if they are coming onto site during build up and breakdown.

When developing your approach to COVID-19 on your stand, think about working towards making it COVID-19 Secure and display the below signage:


Think about the following 5 key areas which will help make your stand COVID-19 Secure:

  • A COVID-19 risk assessment has been carried out
  • You have cleaning, handwashing and hygiene procedures in line with guidance
  • You have taken all reasonable steps to ensure staff work from a COVID-19 Secure workplace or work from home
  • You have taken all reasonable steps to maintain a 2m social distance at work
  • Where 2m cannot be maintained you have ensured a minimum of 1m distance with mitigating measures to manage the transmission risk

Check the government guidance to achieve this.

If you have any further questions about onsite safety, please get in touch.