Education Programme

Covering every aspect of planning an event, the programme will ensure no matter what level you’re at or what your job role is, there will be something that inspires you.

Sharpening your event skills

All the key skills you need when dealing with the complexities of organising events

Creating & communicating the vision

Once the decision has been made to organise an event - where do you start planning and what are the key considerations

Making your events memorable

What are the considerations you need to think about to make your event successful – what to consider for your flawless execution of your event

The bigger picture

The Meetings Industry is a diverse and complex industry, The Meetings Show focuses on the most up to date trends and provides cutting edge content that tackles many of the key issues.

The pat on the back

The Event is over but not finished - review, refresh and reconciliation tips and guidelines

Getting people there

How to make sure you are attracting the right people, insights and tools that help reach and engage

Textbook planning

The initial planning of the event is often the most complex – get this right and the rest should be plain sailing – it’s all in the planning

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