COVID-19 Information for Visitors

Please note: This page will be updated regularly as we receive new information.
Last updated: 27 April 2021

Throughout this past year, The Meetings Show has been focused on planning a successful return to live events but doing so in a way that manages the risk of COVID‐19 transmission. We have remained in close contact with the member associations in our industry to ensure we are at the forefront of any guidance ensuring we implement the latest information.

We want to ensure that we give everybody the confidence that they can visit the show safely and ensure visitors have a meaningful, comfortable, and COVID‐19 secure experience in line with the latest government and industry guidance.

Current safety measures at the show: 

  • Numerous handwashing stations around the venue. 

  • Face coverings are mandatory within the halls.

  • The venue will be conducting deep cleaning measures throughout the event.

  • There will be an increased cleaning regime which will be undertaken by the in‐house cleaning team.

  • Signage will be increased around the show to highlight social distancing and promote good hygiene.

  • This will be supported by regular public address announcements to encourage handwashing and maintaining social distancing.

  • Pre‐registration to avoid queuing.

  • The entry areas will be more defined and managed so that where there is queuing it is conducted in a socially distanced manner.

  • The catering offering at the event will be increased to accommodate more people and avoid queuing.

  • All exhibitors have been asked to achieve COVID‐19 secure status in line with government guidance.

  • Any necessary PPE will be worn by those staff members that require it.

  • Where possible through the event we are aiming to be as contactless as possible.

  • If a person has COVID symptoms, we have plans in place to protect them and others from the risk of transmission.