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Frankfurt, officially known as 'Frankfurt am Main', is the fifth largest city in Germany and a hub of commerce, culture, education, tourism and transportation. 

The city is the major financial centre of the European continent with several HQs based there including European Central Bank, Frankfurt Stock Exchange and Deutsche Bank. 

We were lucky enough to catch up with Kirsten Bialonski from the Frankfurt Convention Bureau to find out more about the city...





In your opinion, what makes Frankfurt unique as a meetings and conference city?

Frankfurt am Main is the perfect place for national and international meetings and conferences. We have put together ten good reasons for holding events in our city:

  • Frankfurt is an international traffic hub and easily accessible from across the globe.
  • Frankfurt is the smallest metropolis in Europe, because of its 750,000 inhabitants. It is a very compact city and easy to handle for event organisers.
  • Frankfurt´s city centre is only an 11-minute train ride from the airport.
  • Frankfurt has approximately 10,200 hotel rooms within walking distance to the locations of Messe Frankfurt. In total, Frankfurt offers nearly 49,200 hotel beds.
  • Frankfurt is home to countless beautiful oases of green, with more than 50% of the city being made up of parks, gardens and other natural landscape.
  • Frankfurt complies perfectly with the Pharmaceutical Industry Codes.
  • Frankfurt´s unique museum embankment offers a range of renowned exhibition venues.
  • Frankfurt is surrounded by the beautiful region of FrankfurtRheinMain that offers countless possibilities for incentives and social programmes.
  • Due to the economic key industries, Frankfurt is the perfect destination for events in the following sectors: “Chemicals/Pharmaceuticals/Life Sciences”, “Financial Services”, IT+Telecommunication” as well as “Creative Industry” and “Logistics+Mobility”.
  • Frankfurt has been a centre of trade and commerce for more than 800 years. Wherever and whenever people come together, ideas are created, improved upon, and implemented. Therefore, Frankfurt is the ideal place for ideas.



Palmengarten; © #visitfrankfurt, Holger Ullmann / Alte Oper; © #visitfrankfurt, Holger Ullmann / Congress Center Messe Frankfurt; © Messe Frankfurt, photo: Sebastian Reimold 

Can you name some of the main conference venues in the city and what kind of events they are suitable for?

Alte Oper Frankfurt
This venue is the premier cultural landmark of Frankfurt and has gained an excellent reputation as a highly modern and well-equipped special event venue. It consists of two ballrooms, four parlours and five foyers, all tucked away behind its time-honoured façade, and it is suitable for all kinds of events: gala dinners, press conferences or international congresses.

Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarten
This venue, a magnificent 19th-century society house, has ample space for events of up to 2,000 guests and is located in the “green heart” of Frankfurt – the botanical garden. It is perfect for gala dinners, but also for a meet-and-greet, a cocktail reception on the unique outdoor terrace, a corporate function or a congress. One of the advantages is the close proximity to Messe Frankfurt. That´s a great combination: congress at Messe Frankfurt and evening event at the Gesellschaftshaus Palmengarden.

Locations of Messe Frankfurt
Messe Frankfurt offers with its different locations space for any kind of events from 500 up to 10,000 participants. The Congress Center Messe Frankfurt offers a plenary for up to 2,200 delegates and is dividable into 15 smaller sections. The direct adjacency of the Maritim Hotel is an advantage as well: meeting and sleeping under one roof. The so-called Kap Europa is a smaller congress venue offering space for nearly 1,000 guests in theatre style. It opened in 2014 and is completely built sustainably. A great venue for green meetings. And don´t forget the historic Festival Hall. This domed building is one of the world´s most attractive venues.

How easy is it to travel between the main conference venues and the city’s hotels?

As Frankfurt is a very compact city, the short distances are perhaps the most unusual aspect of our hotel and events industry. In total, Frankfurt am Main offers more than 49,200 hotel beds - the region FrankfurtRhineMain offers over 110,0000 hotel beds. Some 10,200 hotel rooms with 16,900 beds are situated within walking distance to the locations of Messe Frankfurt. For example, from the Grandhotel Hessischer Hof it is just a 3 minute-walk to the Kap Europa.

Furthermore, it is very easy to travel with public transport from the hotels to the congress venues. It takes you just one minute by public transport from the main train station, where a lot of hotels are situated, to Messe Frankfurt – it´s just one stop.


Kap Europa; © Messe Frankfurt, photo: Marc Jacquemin / Grandhotel Hessischer Hof; © Grandhotel Hessischer Hof

Does Frankfurt offer incentive travel and if so, could you give some examples of what event bookers could find in this area?

Frankfurt is well known as a business-oriented city, but the city and the beautiful surroundings of Frankfurt have much more on offer -  for tourists as well as for incentive programmes.

What about a city rally, a boat trip or stand-up paddling on the river Main? As Frankfurt has the most important airport in Germany, flight simulation is also very popular: let your guests land an airliner in Hong Kong!

And talking about the beautiful surroundings, I would recommend a wine tasting – for example at the monastery Kloster Eberbach. This historical cloister is a 45-minute drive away from Frankfurt and during the wine tour of the cloister you will learn many interesting details about monks’ lives in medieval times. This is the place, where the film ‘The Name of the Rose’ was shot – and, more recently, a trailer of the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’.

All wines have been produced by the winery Kloster Eberbach Hessische Staatsweingüter GmbH, which still today is cultivating a key area of the former monastery vineyards.

Is it easy to find places to eat in the city for business dinners or for meals after conferences? What kind of food scene does it have?

It is very easy to find a restaurant for a dinner or just a quick business meal, because of the wide variety of dinner locations and pubs. As more than 170 nations live in our city, you will find nearly any kind of cuisine from all over the world: from A (Argentina) to Z (Zambia). Everybody will find the perfect place for a relaxed end to an exhausting business day.

Also, don´t forget the trendy restaurants and bars in the main station district. This area has changed in the last few years remarkably. Cool bars with international flair are located in this area: Café Plank, Walon Rosetti, Maxie Eisen – just to name a few.

To summarise, why should conference organisers choose Frankfurt for their next event?

We think you can say it best with a Frankfurt poem, written by Lars Ruppel & Franziska Holzheimer:


We know, you`ve read the information,

Filling keynotes, telling facts,

Just another random place,

Just a short stop on your tracks.

Just another short-term base,

Not of interest after all,

Drowning in your daily grind,

Just another urban sprawl.

But let`s look a little closer,

See this place with open eyes,

Look what`s lying right before you,

to your left and to your right.

Instead of drifting on the surface,

Jump right in and take a dive,

Allow yourself to let yourself go,

With the flow and feel the vibe.

It’s the world within a nutshell,

It’s an international crew,

It’s made of seven hundred thousand,

And it’s waiting just for you.

Did you know?

A total of 10 coronations took place at the Emperor`s Cathedral in Frankfurt between 1562 and 1792 and nowadays Frankfurt has a Wine Queen. Marlien I. was nominated in January 2017, because Frankfurt is the most eastern part of the well-known white wine growing area called Rheingau - famous of its Riesling.

Today, the Riesling ranks amongst the most famous grape varieties. Enjoyed all across the globe, Rheingau Rieslings are renowned for their superior quality. One of the most famous Rieslings is the Hock, named by Queen Victoria, upon her visit in Hochheim in 1845. Since 1854, the Queen Victoria Monument in the middle of the vineyards gives the advice: «Good Hock keeps off the doc». By the way, this was Queen Mom’s favourite wine.

The famous “frankfurter” pork sausages - traditionally enjoyed in pairs, served with mustard and bread rolls or potato salad - are a Frankfurt idea. As the name was trademarked long ago as the dish’s place of origin, it is enjoyed all around the world.