2021 Educational Programme


M&IT incentive summit: Rebuilding travel

01 Oct 2021
The Docklands stage
Industry Trends & Innovation

When and how will the incentive travel industry recover? Some have predicted that COVID-19 has changed the way people travel and how companies approach incentives. Anxieties around bookings, client confidence and the lack of a coordinated response among countries and governments mean the true future of the industry is unknown. 

M&IT has curated this two-hour session to help develop a recovery plan for planners, destination management companies, tourism boards and other players with guidance to successfully restart their incentive travel plans. 

The session will be split into three parts: 

Part one:  State of the incentive travel industry - what can be concluded from research? 

Part two: Breakout sessions covering the key areas:  

  • Trip replacements: Can trips be replaced? If so, what are they being replaced with? How efficient are they from a client and employee perspective? 

  • Safety and risk mitigation: Key factors to select a destination and build an itinerary. Are ‘private solutions’ the way forward?   

  • Experiences: How to create meaningful experiences while factoring in key issues such as sustainability and corporate social responsibility.

  • Lessons learnt and plans: Key learnings since the beginning of the pandemic and how this will impact plans moving forward. 

Part three: Case study of a trip planned in the last 18 months.  

Paul Harvey, Editor - M&IT
Graham Alderman, Managing Director - Ulterior Events
Barbara Jamison-Woods, Head of Europe, Tourism and Convention Bureau - London & Partners
Rachael Boraston, Head of Destination - London & Partners


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Presentation ,Workshop