The Future of Meetings, created in partnership with The Meetings Design Institute, gives visitors a taste of tomorrows technology and tools for meetings. After a successful launch last year, The Future of Meetings is returning to The Meetings Show for the 2017 exhibition allowing start-up businesses to showcase their products to buyers in an innovative and focused environment. 

You can also vote for your favourite start-up with the winner receiving a targeted marketing campaign and promotional coverage during and after the show. Take a look at these ground-breaking companies participating and place your vote.

Voting closes at 16:00 today, then join us on stand K305 at 16:30 to see the winner announced.



Everyone should be able to navigate an event app with ease. EventEye know this and they are proud to lead the way in terms of user friendly app experiences. They know your time is precious, and that using an event app should free up your time, not take from it.




Interactio is a mobile solution that replaces the unnecessarily complicated and expensive sound equipment used by interpreters and attendees at events. Our goal is to lessen the number of factors that interfere with sharing knowledge, information, and communication between people, by allowing attendees to listen in their own language through their own phones. The interpreters only need an internet connection and a computer in order to broadcast and are able to see the number of listeners real time. Organizations like Mary Kay and TEDx have cut 50% of their translation budget when switching to Interactio from traditional equipment. We can offer audio recordings of events, onsite support, communicational materials and multiple streaming options customizable to each event. We help corporations, private companies, churches, etc. to grow their communities, by simplifying the process and equipment for translation.




Interprefy is a Swiss technology company with a cloud-based platform for remote simultaneous interpreting interpretation for conferences and events. Interpreters work remotely from the premises of leading interpreting agencies and conference delegates use their smartphones or radio headsets as receivers. Since the interpreters need not travel and no interpreting equipment must be installed on-site, interpretation services become more affordable, easier to use and more flexible. 




Still using spreadsheets for event planning? So were we. We were wasting time. We were never quite up to date. And information stayed locked away on our PCs. Last year, we built our Automated Crew Booking and Management Tool from scratch. Now see how it can supercharge your business, too.



Meetings Benchmark

The only tool that benchmarks future and historical meetings data in real time.

MeetingsBenchmark is a live application that independently benchmarks meeting rates, attendees, spend and trends for all types of venue in any location. MeetingsBenchmark already aggregates and analyses data from over 165,000 meetings and is growing every day.




Rhizome Live is a web-based platform to create significant interaction between participants. Audience members engage with each other in text-based discussions, all using laptops, tablets or phones. Even an online audience can have the same lively conversation you normally only get from a small group at a table.



Meeting the right people is the most important goal of visiting an event, yet it's the hardest thing to actually achieve. The NetworkTables online self-seating tool solves this pain by enabling attendees to choose whom they're seated with at round tables, 1-on-1 meetings and workshops. In this way we help event-managers save time, increase networking experience and generate higher attendance.


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