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The Meetings Show 2017 programme will be live soon. In the meantime have a look at our 2016 programme below. Enter your search term in quotes if you require an exact match.

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14 June 2016 15 June 2016 16 June 2016


09:50 - 10:45
Conference Room 5
There are many technological advancements being made in the meetings industry, but which factors should we take into account when choosing the right solution for...
Maarten Vanneste
Meetings Design Institute
Jelmer van Ast
Founder and Managing Director at Conference Compass
John Martinez
09:50 - 10:45
Conference Room 2
Have you been asked to organise an International Conference but don't know where to start? Having organised conferences in Europe, USA and Asia from her...
Kelly McAulay
Executive Assistant
William Grant & Sons, & currently Scottish PA of the year 2015
09:50 - 10:45
Conference Room 4
Today, it is not enough for organisations to have a simple CSR project for conference delegates. Addressing a community’s unique needs through socially or environmentally...
Michael Foreman
Davi Kaur
MPhil, Head of Congress Unit
10:50 - 11:45
Conference Room 4
Are associations still relevant in the 21st century, in the world of e-networking, twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn and the like?
How can associations make themselves...
Phil Allen
CEO & Value Creator
10:50 - 11:45
Conference Room 5
Meeting Design
We often find ourselves working with speakers who are experts in their field, but who could use some help with their actual presentation skills. It’s...
Tim Ferguson
Audience Communication & Events
Roy Sheppard
11:50 - 12:45
Conference Room 4
Over the years we have noted that Professional Congress Organisers (PCOs) are taking on more and more responsibility in the whole structure and development of...
Linda Pereira
Executive Director
CPL Meetings and Events
11:50 - 12:45
Conference Room 1
Special Focus
The FAB Quotient is a research-backed unique quotient (supporting IQ + EQ). The triad of Fuel, Activate & Behave leads to balance and the happiness...
Celynn Erasmus
FAB Quotient
12:30 - 13:30
Conference Room 5
Visitors looking for a different way to quickly and effectively understand the latest technological trends in meetings and events need look no further than the...
Roy Sheppard
12:50 - 13:45
Conference Room 3
Special Focus
In 2 weeks you will make a decision that ripples the very fabric of the meeting and events industry for generations to come....Should the United...
Kevin Jackson
Director of Ideas and Innovation
The Experience is The Marketing
Mr Alan Newton
Mr Chris Heaton-Harris
MP, Daventry
Conservative Party
Mr Nick de Bois
Founder of Rapier Group &
MP Enfield North 2010 - 2015
Mr Simon Hughes
Managing Partner
12:50 - 13:45
Conference Room 4
Many claims are made regarding social media marketing, particularly in relation to conferences and events. From building brand loyalty and communities to engaging target audiences...
Tom Lunt
Senior Lecturer
London Metropolitan University
12:50 - 13:45
Conference Room 1
Special Focus
I will talk around some important trends in marketing and branding and discuss the implications for destinations. I will then go on to specifically talk...
Roger Pride
Managing Partner
13:50 - 14:45
Conference Room 4
Developing personalised experiences to create a greater affinity with customers. In an age where consumers are increasingly bombarded with multiple streams of information...
Ian Anderson
Head of Creative Services
Spark Thinking
13:50 - 14:45
Conference Room 5
An intense set of short updates from several experts and a round table for more input and answers to your questions. Listen to a quick...
Tim Bull
Dee Brannick
Fredrik Hoel
CEO & Co Founder
Jelmer van Ast
Founder and Managing Director at Conference Compass
Tim Sutter
Senior Manager of Business Development
13:50 - 14:45
Conference Room 3
Leadership & Management
Paul Bridle
Leadership Methodologist
Excellence Squared Ltd
13:50 - 14:45
Conference Room 2
Everyone wants to feel appreciated and this is why we set up the PA Awards in Manchester - this session covers organising awards from start...
Melanie Sheehy
Executive Assistant
Citation Ltd & Co-Founder Manchester PA Network
14:50 - 15:45
Conference Room 1
Special Focus
Can an individual have a brand? Your personal brand is not only about your assets but what you're known for and why people seek you...
Patrick Delaney
Managing Partner
14:50 - 15:45
Conference Room 4
Event management is one of the most rewarding careers and is often voted as the number one desirable occupation. From fabulous incentives in far flung...
Chetan Shah
CEO & Founder
Andy Cooper
Owens Cooper Consulting
Tina Morris
Managing Director, Events
Elliott Grant
The Black Tomato Agency
15:50 - 16:45
Conference Room 4
Being able to negotiate a win:win outcome for all parties requires skill, tactics, business acumen and a real understanding of the client’s core objectives behind...
Rosemary Bannister
HT Training and Coaching
15:50 - 16:45
Conference Room 3
Elisabeth Hansa
Support & Strategy On Demand
Ella Robertson
Managing Director
One Young World International
Ivo Franschitz
Owner & Managing Director
Linda Nielsen
European Society for Vascular Medicine
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